2021 BMW M2 CS/CSL

The popular German brand is preparing an even hotter version of their M2 to beat their initial one. The producer is set to release the 2021 BMW M2 CS/CSL, and the spies believe they have captured these models throughout tests. Older reports called it the M2 GTS. That white prototype included several changes from the M2 Competition and, as an entire, it looks more aggressive and track-oriented.

2021 BMW M2 CSL  New Design HD Wallpapers

Rumors speculate that the M2 CS will be a North America unique, and a restricted model available from 2020, while the CSL will be an even more extreme model offered on other markets in 2021. Still, it is very early to hypothesize at the moment. Both cars will be lighter, more effective and much better on a track than the Competition. The most recent reports recommend that the 2021 BMW M2 CS will debut in Frankfurt this September.

Spy Shots

We wish there were more to reveal from the spy shots, as the particular model is covered more than the last two in February and March of 2019. This time, the total car is covered in cool camo and because it was currently using production goodies, nothing special can be seen here. The carbon-fiber roofing system and mirror caps are clear, and the bulgy hood seen before is also carbon fiber. The rear diffuser between the exhaust outlets looks somewhat different, but because of this exciting camo, it is slightly unclear. This extreme M model will have around 450 horsepower in the rear wheels through and a six-speed manual, and even a seven-speed DCT. The production will most likely start at some point throughout next year. However, we initially have to wait on September’s 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Concerning the rest of the information, many CS additions are masked, but they will be carbon fiber and more pronounced than on the M2. The rear spoiler and diffuser are greatly covered. However, the basic shape is clear. In the front splitter and fascia are more pronounced. Y-spoke wheels seem from the 763 M and will be 19-inches. Carbon-ceramic brakes are new also.

Exterior and Styling

As mentioned, the white model looks like the M2 Competition, with the optional M Performance front bumper that includes a carbon-fiber splitter with winglets at both ends. The grille is the one from the revamped 2-Series, all black. Everything else looks the same.

The gold-painted calipers can be seen through the lightweight wheels are finished in black and larger, recommending it has carbon-ceramic brakes. In the back, the only addition is a ducktail spoiler on the trunk cover, most likely carbon fiber.


BMW will probably fit the new M2 CS with lighter front seats, while the CSL may even ditch the rear seats completely. Various and easier bare door cards for extra weight decrease are to be expected, in addition to cancer or CSL bade someplace visible on the dash.

2021 BMW M2 CSL  Interior HD Photo

In total, the weight reduction on the M2 CS will be up to 130 pounds or 60 kgs, and BMW might even use less sound deadening to conserve extra weight with the CSL.

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Drivetrain and Performance

M2 Competition currently uses the twin-turbo, 3l straight-six engine from the BMW M3 and M4. It has 405 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque. The new M2 CS and CSL will use the same S55 unit, but with more power, while both manual and automatic transmission alternatives will be readily available. Regarding the horsepower, the jump will not be that high, as no greater than 10 to 20 are anticipated.

When it concerns speed, the 62 miles per hour or 100 km/h time could drop below 4 seconds, and the top speed will probably remain what it is on the M2 Competitions, which is 174 miles per hour or 280 km/h.

2021 BMW M2 CS/ CSL Prices

BMW charges $58,900 for the M2 Competition, and the M double-clutch automatic transmission is $2,900 more. If you desire to include the M Driver bundle that likewise gets rid of the leading speed limiter, is all set to part with $2,500 more. If we follow these costs, the CS cost $5,000 more, and the CSL may begin at $90,000, if we look how much more the BMW M4 GTS is compared to the regular M4 model.


Porsche is set to debut the most aggressive 718 Cayman, called the GT4. It will most likely arrive this year, and unlike the lower 718 models, it will have a six-cylinder engine. The GT4 will be lighter and feature different bumpers, side skirts and rims. It will also cost much more. Spy images reveal it will have a dual exhaust, a first for this model.

With their weight shedding and extra power and exclusivity, the CS and CSL will even try to go head to head with fast sports cars like the new Aston Martin Vantage, that has a four-liter twin-turbo V8 with a 505 horsepower output, and a sprint to sixty in 3.5 seconds. Its top speed is 195 miles per hour. However, with a cost of $150,000, it is not in the same class. However, the M2 CS and CSL will be close when it comes to the actual efficiency, and they will even be more exclusive.

2021 BMW M2 CSL  Look High Resolution Photos


BMW stated their future strategy for M cars is releasing a base model, a Competition, and finally the CS and CSL models closer to the end of the lifecycle of a given model. This plan appears to be in motion here. Both the CS and CSL will be collector cars in the future, and M2 is one of the finest sports cars at the moment. For that reason, there is not a single reason why it need not have these two special editions.

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