How To Properly Clean Your Truck Cab

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Cleaning your truck cab is essential to keeping it in prime condition. If you neglect this, you will notice that dirt and grime build up on the seats and all over the floorboards. This can also cause mold to grow if left unattended for too long. Below are some tips that will help you keep your truck in top shape before it becomes a complete mess!

1. Rid your Interior of Loose Trash

Make sure that you get rid of any loose trash such as paper, wrappers, or other small objects. This will prevent the option of these items from becoming projectiles while driving and lessens the odds of them getting caught in moving parts like pedals and levers. Plus, it gives a chance to properly clean all surfaces in the interior of your truck.

2. Take out the Seats

Taking out the seats not only allows you to clean that area but then allows you to shampoo or steam clean the entire floor and carpeting underneath; then, you simply put it back when finished.

3. Clean Underneath and in Corners

Use a good stiff-bristled brush (like a toilet bowl tool) to get the crud that collects at the bottom of door jams. These are often missed during an initial exterior wash. You should also clean in all corners of your truck’s interior, including between all panels, underneath ashtrays and cup holders, etc.

4. Clean Leather Surfaces

Leather is the number one choice for seats in most truck cabs. Leather also has many desirable qualities, such as looking great, being comfortable, and being durable. But all that comes at a cost: it requires more than just a simple, quick wipe down to keep it looking its best and out of dry rot. Use a quality leather cleaner and conditioner or spray detailer for this task. See our list of the best car leather cleaners for further research.

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5. Clean Vinyl Surfaces with Vinegar

Vinyl surfaces in your truck are often exposed to high heat and constant sunlight, which dry out even the healthiest looking vinyl pieces. Body panels next to doors can warp due to the elements and cause damage over time. Cleaning vinyl surfaces with vinegar helps to restore them back to factory original condition.

6. Clean Carpet Surfaces

Carpet in your truck is not immune to the harmful effects of dirt, grime, or spills. When possible, remove carpeting so you can shampoo or steam clean it thoroughly. Most truck carpeting can either be pulled out or taken up from the edges as a whole piece. If there are no suspicious stains or smells present, then simply vacuuming your carpeting is a good way to pick up loose dirt and grime particles prior to shampooing it.

If you don’t have time to clean your truck, or are looking for the highest quality results possible, consider Gainesville truck mechanic cleaning services. Truck detailing shops offer high-pressure steam cleaning that is effective at removing embedded dirt and grime that vacuums alone miss. Ask about their process before they begin, so you know what to expect afterward.