Soldier Car Shipment Service – What to Know

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Shipping military vehicles from one location to another is not like shipping in other automobiles for civilians. Military vehicles are custom made and will be quite complicated than regular cars or trucks.

Normally, vehicles that have a lien on them are not allowed to cross the borders of any country. This is not the case with the military vehicles, as it will be owned by the Government employees or other personnel or the military service of that particular country. The vehicles can pass a country’s border only if there is a pass issued by the government of that particular country.

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How to Ship Military Vehicles Overseas?

Here are some key points that can help you with easy shipment of the vehicle overseas.

Vehicle Limitations

Any vehicle that fits with the criteria of the vehicle shipment weight and type can be easily shipped from one location to another. However, if the vehicles cross the limitations as set by the government, then you may need to get a special letter of approval. A typical car can be shipped without any hassle, whereas SUVs or other oversized trucks require the pass.


After the vehicle crosses the border of any country, it should abide by the laws of the country border that it is going to enter. You are required to check the vehicle registration and license laws of that particular place before the shipment. You can either take help from the shipment service or the help of the online search tools.


Military vehicle shipment guidelines state that each vehicle should not cross more than the set weight for the shipment. Hence, if there is extra stuffing inside the vehicles in the form of the personal belongings, arms and ammunition and so on, then they should be completely removed from the vehicle.

Family of the Military Personnel

Most of the families of the military people will prefer travelling with them all the time, even when they are relocated to any state anytime. The shipment services of automobiles offer special care for such families of the military people and offer easy shipment of their belongings from one location to another.

The automobiles that are owned by the family members of the military people will also be shipped along with the family. However, if every family owns more than one car, then the second car will be shipped separately in the independent auto transport service.

Things required for the Shipment

During the shipment of the military vehicles, the owner should prepare the below mentioned documents.

  • Entitlement Proof
  • Vehicle Ownership Proof
  • Identity Proof
  • Lien Holder Authorization
  • IAL form

Once all these documents are prepared, you can easily get your vehicle shipped from one location to another.