What are the Different Types of Window Tints You Can Consider?

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If you want your car to be safe and sound, or appear sporty, window tints are very essential. It is the ultimate method to provide your car with a sleek profile that nothing else can do. It will also increase privacy within your car and help you give a stylish drive. The tints help your car remain unimaginably cool and keep away all the harmful UV rays. 

Before donning the tints, you should know the most commonly available ones in the market so that you can settle for nothing less than the best.

Dyed window tints

They are very common and widely affordable tints available in the market. You readily fix it using the sticky back available on it. Once it is stuck on the window, a heat gun is used to apply it evenly on the glass. It appears black from the outside but you can see everything from inside. It has a decent tinted finish and is very easy to apply.

Metallised window tints

This tint contains the microscopic presence of metal particles. This helps to keep the tint shiny and metallic even when applied to the glass. They are excellent to keep your cabin heat-free and provide a dense reflective coating. They are very less prone to shattering. They are also very resilient against scratches.

Carbon window tints

This is an updated version of the metallised tints. They are made up of carbon particles that do not interfere with radio or phone signal receptions. They are great against blocking direct heat from the sun. With these tints on, there is hardly any necessity to use air conditioners. They are available in very attractive matte finishes.

Ceramic window tints

This is the best tint you can gift your car with. These contain particles of ceramics that are known to be excellent protectants against sun rays as well as both the harmful UVA and UVB rays. They are also very efficient in keeping away the solar heat out of the cabin. This is a very new technology and it is very expensive as compared to other tinting films. They guarantee to provide you with the best finish with the highest longevity. It is also very resistant to scratching and fading of upholstery.

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